The History of Villa La Pieve:

Historical Villa:

The original building of Villa La Pieve, historically known as “Villa Serristori” dates back to the first half century of 1200. And was part of a group of buildings formally known as “ Castello della Pieve” when Ser Ristoro founder of the noble Serristori family obtained permission and ownership of the actual land in which Villa La Pieve stands today. He also obtained the wine and olive groves that belonged to the diocese of Badia Agnano.

The decline and Rebirth:

In July 1554, after the valiant battle of the last 33 owners, the “Castello della Pieve” was burnt down by the troops of the notorious Captain Pietro Strozzi a bandit from Florence who was also allied with the people of sienna and the king of France.
The Castle was then rebuilt and lost its military presence, for these reasons “La Villa” then began to take shape and grew to the dimensions and setting of the building today as we know it, surrounded by Italian style gardens filled with age-old oak trees, majestic cypress trees and bordered with hedges.
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Cerimonie e Meeting
Cerimonie e Meeting
Cerimonie e Meeting

The Perfect Location:

The Villa with its 750 years of history and its centuries old park offer a unique romantic atmosphere.


About 300 metres away from the Villa you will find the San Pietro church. A typical roman church that dates back to 1200. A great choice for those who wish to celebrate their wedding day in the beautiful surroundings of the Tuscan hills.

Booking and information:

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